OutReach Ministry

The Community of Saint John was not born simply for the well being of its members. We are part of a larger world view and serve the greater community. We have received a gift – community – and it must bear fruit for all people. Our mission is to bring people of all ages into closer union with God in Christ, into closer union with one another, and into closer union by service to those in need. Whenever possible the members of our Community engage in service in twos or threes or more, rather than individually, so that we can share companionship in ministry.

For more information about us and our current projects, please contact:

Cheryll Miller: cbmrn57@gmail.com

This quarter we partnered with First Glance, a youth center in Akron that provides a wide variety of programming for students of all ages. They also provide meals for the students they serve. In October, COSJ helped prepare some of those meals for their community. Learn more about First Glance and how you might help at http://www.firstglance.org/.