The Community of Saint John is committed to worshipping God to the best of our abilities with the best of what we have.  While we draw on many different traditions in our expressions of worship, the main focus of our community is around the two sacraments that were set apart by Jesus and recounted for us in the New Testament: Baptism and the Eucharist.  A sacrament is a visible sign of God’s love and mercy towards us.  In Baptism we are initiated into the way of Jesus and made a full member of the Christian community.  In the Eucharist we gather together around a table and remember our Lord’s life, death, and resurrection.  An important component of these two sacraments is to go out into the world to practice what we believe.

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In Baptism, members of the Christian community enter into a rite of passage and are encouraged to follow the teachings and example of Jesus.  Baptism is a covenant between God and the person being baptized and is an experience that is both solemn and joyous.  It is solemn because it is a mysterious truth too deep for words.  It is joyous because we are claimed as beloved by God.  Baptism is intensely personal and yet intimately affects the corporate Christian community.


The Eucharist  
The Eucharist (thanksgiving) is the time of thanksgiving for the whole community. In the Eucharist, our community celebrates the mystery of Jesus’ gift of his own life for us. We relive in a sacramental way his sacrifice on the cross, which opened for us a new way of living, a new way of being in union with God and with each other. In the midst of the prayer during the Eucharistic, the leader states: “Let the grace of this Holy Communion make us one body, one spirit in Christ, that we may worthily serve the world in his name.” In that moment, we begin to touch the very heart of the mystery of community.