A New Creed

written by Katherine Haig and Jordan Abu-Elhawa

We believe that God is the source of light, love, and perfection.
Our lives are a brief unfolding of this truth -
an ever-changing response to that which is eternal and unchanging.

We believe our human responsibility is to love each other, share our blessings,
and to work for the prosperity of all. This love, expressed in thought, word, and action,
is the truest expression of God, and our highest joy.

We gather to commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
and to uphold his life and teachings.

Together, we strive to follow his example as a supportive and loving community
that is open to individuals of any background or walk of life.

As we proceed together in fellowship, service, and growth, we submit our actions
to the moving of God's Spirit and the wisdom of this community. Amen.